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Video Production

Cost Effective Professional Service

Creative Process

At Cool Media One, we have a carefully perfected process aimed at delivering our clients intentional videos that engage and inspire audiences to take action. Whether your goal is for clients to take action from your website, engage at your trade show event, or interact through social media, our team can help to facilitate that successfully for you. As an integrated marketing agency, Cool Media One will go the extra mile in every step of the process to help your team maximize the effect of your new video across all of your marketing channels.

In order to effectively achieve this, we begin by meeting with you and your team to better understand your audience and the message you are trying to convey. Our team will take this information and formulate several possible strategies to most effectively achieve this goal.  We’ll then create a storyboard that focuses on displaying the actual message with voiceover, illustrations, interviews, and text. We also feel proper music is vital to the success of a message so we’ll help by selecting, or even composing, tracks that fit your brand. This thoroughly tested and refined process allows us to guarantee we will provide the best and only the best.


Our production team’s proven track record, coupled with their experience, creative talent, and knowledge in how to capture creative angles and footage allow them to truly create a masterpiece for your brand. All of our editing is done in-house, allowing our video team to envision the end product as they film leading to a much more fluent and effective end product.

We go the distance to get the best shots, not just good shots. This unique thought process based around quality and not just completion defines how we operate and explains why our clients are always so satisfied with our work. Our team puts hours into planning out shots well before we travel to the location to make best use of your time so we can hit the ground running. Whether it’s directing interviews, filming in nature, drone video footage, or something unique, our team has the equipment, knowledge base, and skill set to get the job done well.

Post Production

The video editing stage is where the true magic is done and your story comes to life. Our experts handle everything including color correction, audio engineering and balancing, music track application, and other detail-oriented items to give you a finished product that demonstrates a high level of professionalism.

Content  – Connection – Success is our credo


Create the content that has high impact on the viewer/customer


Invite the viewer/customer an on authentic journey that connects you with them on intimate level


The trust in your company that has been created with the visual experience will drive your success to greater heights



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Cool Media One offers full service, in-house video production, graphic design services to help effectively market your content.

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