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Video Search Engine Optimization

Let The Robots Find Your Video

Search Engines Love Video Content


The faster your site is indexed by search engines, the sooner you get results and success: usual SEO-texts indexing can take up to a month to see any results but well-optimized video-content with proper text description can reach its target audience in a week.

Moreover, search engines (such as Google and Youtube) have already created special sections were there are only relevant videos, and these sections have the highest ratings.

The specialists of Cool Media One have at their fingertips all the knowledge and experience of video search engine optimization, so you can get the best solutions to your company needs.

Internet users now use videos search options to find various information, preferring visual and audio materials for better perception, that’s why you need optimized video content to get more and more visitors and potential clients on the site.

You can do this in two ways:

  1. To place video just on your site
  2. To use the most popular search systems (like Youtube, for example) as a platform for promotion

The Dilemma We Are Ready to Solve

What is better? Each of these ways has its advantages and disadvantages.For example, if you place the video content on your web site, you will get all the traffic but building high ranks and positions up in search engines will take plenty of precious time.Placing the video on Youtube will detract the traffic from the site but on the other hand it will also increase the visibility of your video and will shorten the durability of gaining good positions in the searching.

Choice is always easy when you have an idea of your options and have the advice of experts. Our specialists will help you to make that correct choice to increase your customer base.

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